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Artificial Intelligence Safety Policy

Vet Pulse AI takes its dedication to safety, transparency and honesty very seriously. AI is an amazing tool, but must be used in the correct context, as AI without clear guardrails can put the reputation of the profession and the lives of pets in danger.

Our team has worked hard to bake in what we call ‘golden guardrails’ into Vet Pulse, creating a solid foundation before we even began developing the tool. 

Everyone will have their own policy on using AI, but for us, the below summarises how we believe the veterinary profession should be approaching AI usage. It is vital the veterinary community worldwide is empowered, protected and guided when using AI, as it has immense potential to become a positive force, if used in the correct context.

AI Safety Policy for Vet Pulse – Our Golden Guardrails


Vet Pulse is deeply committed to the safe, responsible, and ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in veterinary medicine. This AI Safety Policy aims to clarify our stance on the deployment of AI in veterinary practices and set clear boundaries to ensure the highest standards of care are met.

No Diagnosis or Prescription

Our primary policy is that Vet Pulse, or any AI, should never be primarily used to diagnose or prescribe treatments. AI technology is a tool designed to aid veterinary professionals by providing support, augmenting their skills, and helping them to analyse and interpret data more efficiently. It is not a substitute for their professional judgement. The responsibility for diagnosing ailments, prescribing medication, and other medical decisions rests solely with veterinary professionals.

Confidentiality and Data Privacy

Vet Pulse strongly believes that AI products should be used in such a manner that respects the privacy and confidentiality of clients. No personal or private information should be shared in the process of using these tools. This ensures that both veterinarians and their clients can trust the technology, understanding that privacy and confidentiality are paramount.

Drug Selection and Administration

AI tools should not be the primary resource for decisions on drug selection or administration. While AI can provide data and potential options, it is crucial that veterinary professionals make the final decision based on their expertise, knowledge, and understanding of the patient’s specific case.

Reference and Accessibility

All AI products used in the veterinary field should reference their sources thoroughly. Moreover, access to these AI tools should be limited strictly to members of the veterinary community to maintain professional standards of care.

Pet Owner Interaction with AI

While AI can provide a helpful initial point of research for pet owners, it should never replace professional veterinary advice. Pet owners will likely use AI as a source of initial research before reaching out to a veterinary professional for advice and treatment, but the veterinary community should always be the primary point of care and diagnosis.

Weekly Reviews

To ensure the quality and accuracy of the information provided, each question and answer generated by Vet Pulse should be vetted on a weekly basis. This will help to prevent the occurrence of ‘hallucinations’, which are incorrect responses from the AI.

Transparency, Honesty, and Effectiveness

The veterinary community deserves AI that works alongside them in a transparent, honest, and effective manner. Any AI tools used in the field should therefore be designed and deployed in a manner that maximises transparency and trust, with search history and user data never sold, shared or sent to a third party.

Brand Neutrality

AI should remain commercially neutral and not favour any specific brand. It should aim to provide the best possible information purely from a technical and scientific standpoint.

Continuous Learning

Vet Pulse believes in the continuous learning and evolution of AI tools. Therefore, we recommend periodic updates and adjustments based on new research and feedback from the veterinary community to ensure the tools remain relevant and beneficial.


The integration of AI in veterinary medicine is a sensitive endeavour. It requires meticulous planning, ethical considerations, and a deep understanding of the dynamics between the technology and its human users. Vet Pulse is committed to maintaining these high standards, ensuring the safe and beneficial use of AI for all parties involved.