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Vet Pulse:
Your AI Powered Veterinary Assistant.

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what we do

Vet Pulse uses cutting edge AI, coupled with UK specific veterinary databases to inform, educate and remind.

Constantly Updated

Vet Pulse is trained specifically on recent veterinary data.

Free CPD

Get references with every answer for further reading.

Community Driven

Answers are upvoted by veterinary professionals.

Always Learning

Vet Pulse's AI is constantly improving its abilities.
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How does it work?


Vet Pulse has been created using OpenAI’s generative conversational model, ChatGPT. We then trained it specifically on UK veterinary websites, creating rigid parameters so it can never diagnose or suggest treatment. 

This information is then updated regularly, with product recalls, CPD and studies all available to Vet Pulse’s AI system.

This was then bundled with Langchain, vector databases and some clever algorithms to speed things up, and Vet Pulse was born.

Vet Pulse is always learning, ready to help, and improves the more you use it.

Vet Pulse FAQs

No. Vet Pulse is designed specifically for veterinary professionals, and will always recommend pet owners seek the advice of their local vet.

Vet Pulse was made by Regent Animal Health, an arm of Regent Branding. Run by Hamzah Malik, who has a background in veterinary marketing, Regent Branding is an award-winning marketing and development studio based in Peterborough, UK.

Currently, it’s free. We’ve come to an agreement with OpenAI, who have graciously increased our limit for this application. However, only 25 questions per hour are allowed.

We wouldn’t recommend ever sharing private data with any chat tool online. Vet Pulse is powered by OpenAI, and thus subject to their data handling policies. From our side, we will never share or sell your data to anyone.

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